Choosing a web hosting company in Bangladesh

5 tips for choosing a web hosting company in Bangladesh


5 tips choosing a web hosting company in Bangladesh


Remove all confusion by getting 5 tips choosing a web hosting company in Bangladesh


Tips for choosing web hosts in Bangladesh are given below

  • Know Your Hosting Needs

First know what type of hosting you want like how many databases you need, storage you need, bandwidth you need, what control panel hosting provider will provide. Know the pricing by visiting many web hosting provider, compare the price and choose your web hosting.

  • Security

When you know which hosting provider you will choose. You must confirm and check all the security services they will provide. Without acknowledging or having no knowledge about security may destroy your website.

Confirm all the security before choosing any hosting in Bangladesh.


Website security

  • Stability

Know the stability of any hosting provider before you buy. Without knowing the stability of hosting provider may get down your website for a long or short time. You will lose lots of valuable customer due to downtime of a service provider.


  • Get a trial for a month or week

before you try a hosting company, get a trial for a week or month asking them. It will help you to understand the hosting features of company.


  • Apps in Control Panel

lots of companies don’t provide one click app install in control panel. Due to that you may face lots of trouble like you need to install WordPress manually. But having one click installer like¬†Softaculous you can install more than 100 apps automatically.


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